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Fragrance as Inspiration

We want to take you places that fragrance has never taken you before. When we develop a new fragrance, we look for sources and trends from all over the world. Then we experiment with the fragrances until we get the right combination of top, middle and base notes. The outcome is this: we infuse our products with so much perfume that they will surround you with unique and truly amazing fragrance.

  • orange
  • mandarin, tahitian vanilla
  • roasted vanilla bean extract

Orange Vanilla

  • white flower
  • tahitian tuberose
  • blonde woods

Tahitian Tuberose

  • water lilly
  • ozonic & aqueous notes
  • white woods


  • red currant
  • pomegranate, cassis
  • tanka, applewood

Currant & Pomegranate

  • acai berry
  • white tea
  • bourbon vanilla

Acai Berry & White Tea

  • thai lemongrass
  • fresh ginger root
  • roasted vanilla

Lemongrass Ginger

  • fig, passion fruit
  • currant, passion flower
  • vanilla orchid

Passion Fruit & Fig

  • black cinnamon
  • white spice, smokey wood
  • tonka bean, teakwood

Cinnamon Noir